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5 Hot Tech Startups in DC

| Blog | March 1, 2012

Washington DC Cherry Blossoms on the Tidal Basin

With the soon to be filing of Facebook’s IPO, the startup world is a blaze.  Venture capitalists, hedge funds, and even large corporations are scrambling around to find the next “big thing.”  Some are even running around and snatching up promising college students, before they’ve had a chance to think about their post college careers.  And as a tech reporter for Landover Assocaites, one of the industry’s leading providers of startup tech staffing solutions, we’ve been in contact with a number of the top performing startups around the country.  What may surprise you is that not all of them are located in New York, Seattle, and in Palo Alto—a number of these startups are in our nations capitol, Washington, DC.

So here’s a list of the top performing startups in DC.  And please send us an email if you’re looking for tech related jobs in the area.


Tech Startup Living SocialLiving Social is one of the top websites offering its members daily deals from companies all over the world. Members can purchase coupons that will get them a 50-75% discount at local businesses. Living Social expanded and bought Urban Escapes, which led to the creation of Campus Deals (a Living Social program for college students), LivingSocial Family Edition, and Living Social Escapes (a travel site where members can save on vacation expenses). Jobs with startups such as Living Social can be hard to come by in today’s competitive job market.


Citizen Effect startup

CitizenEffect gives ordinary citizens the means to help needy communities all over the world.  Inspired by the founder’s desire to help others in need, CitizenEffect opened for business in 2009 and raises between 1,000 to 10,000 per year per cause they champion.  In 2009, CitizenEffect began the Holiday Harvest, which helps the citizens of the Gulf Coast, South Africa, India and Peru.



iStrategy Labs tech startup
iStrategy Labs consists of just seven employees. Freelancers in the areas of design and marketing strategy work with the employees to make animated films, websites and large festivals. The goal of the company is to help communities with their marketing. Since its launch in 2007, iStrategy Labs has worked with Microsoft, Disney, American Eagle, ABC, ESPN and many other world famous companies. They are one example of how tech jobs are becoming more in demand than in years past.


Event Farm Startup in DC

EventFarm is a web application developed to assist in event management. The application helps event planners by giving them a website to host the details of and sell tickets to their event. to buy tickets online.  It’s mainly used for planning private company events, and they’ve worked with such companies as Walmart, the BET network and DC Central Kitchen.


Tech Startup Clear SpringClearspring is an online network for content sharing that helps advertisers and publishers market their products online. Appearing on countless websites and blogs, Clearspring’s “Add This,” button has been used by the Dalai Lama, the British Monarchy and the White House. Online publishers such as MySpace, AOL, NBC and MTV all use the “add this” button for sending out and tracking links, photos, and videos to the social networking sites.

That’s our top 5.  Are there any other startups you would add to the mix?  Let us know in the comments section.
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