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Business Communication Skills & Leadership Training from Exec-Comm

| Blog | January 25, 2012

Exec-Comm: Leadership & Public Speaking Training

From communication and planning to consulting and creativity, success in the business world is predicated on the mastering of essential business communication skills. Acquiring these skills can be time consuming, but with the right training you can guarantee success will be seen in the near future. Finding the most resourceful training could be half the battle. Luckily, companies such as, Exec-Comm exist. Those who choose to train with Exec-Comm will benefit from the instruction of dedicated professionals who have a proven track record of improving the work performance of individuals or an organization collectively.

Time is very valuable as a working professional, but investing in training now can save you time later as you help your business move forward with more efficiency and greater success. Exec-Comm provides various professional services designed to improve the effectiveness of executives and entry-level professionals alike. Classes and seminars are available throughout the year online or in person, from one-on-one sessions to public seminars for your employees.

Some of the services offered at Exec-Comm include a Consultative Selling Seminar. At this seminar, an emphasis is placed on listening, a skill often overlooked in the business world. Regardless of the product or service you offer, when establishing a relationship with a potential client or organization, you should look to build a lasting partnership and not just execute a transactional exchange.

The Consultative Selling Seminar is a 2-day course with 19 exercises and 5 meetings and digital recordings to better evaluate performances and track improvement. Clients who sign up for this seminar will learn, among other things, how to field difficult questions from prospective clients of their own; build credibility over initial telephone exchanges while also establishing a rapport with clients; and how to close calls effectively. Overall clients will walk away with a better understanding of the steps involved with a “consultative sales process” and detailed instructions on how to improve their performance.

A successful presentation or pitch can make or break a potential deal. Articulation and projecting confidence to organizations and effective use of visual aids are skills that can be addressed by attending the Executive Sales Presentation Skills seminar. Learning the essentials of an effective presentation can help you focus on the needs of your audience. When you focus on the audience’s needs, you will present with greater confidence, poise, conviction, and impact.

Exec-Comm: Leadership & Public Speaking Training

Writing is the basis for all business communication. Employees lacking in a basic understanding of grammar rules and business writing can be a major drawback for any organization. Exec-Comm offers training in writing as well to quickly correct any such deficiency.

Taking a seminar such as Dynamic Client Meetings prepares client service team members to plan and participate in meetings that will strengthen client relationships. Courses building up leadership and management skills are also available to address and resolve employee performance issues, develop the depth of talent, and strategically position your department for success. And for newcomers to the business world, Exec-Comm even offers a seminar called From Book Bag to Briefcase which is designed to assist young professionals in maneuvering their way through the cutthroat business world while maintaining a degree of confidence and professionalism that’s sure to impress.

And on the flip side, seminars designed to improve the interviewing skills of an organization’s HR staff are available to ensure the right person is chosen for the job each time.

All seminars or one-on-on sessions can be customized to meet the needs of our clients, from date and time to location and class size. If you’re looking to improve your organization, training with Exec-Comm is the perfect choice.

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