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Logo Redesign: Why, When and How

| Blog | July 17, 2013


Chances are, you keep a sharp eye on your marketing metrics to learn what works for your company and what doesn’t over time. But if your numbers have been falling lately despite your best efforts, it may be time to focus your energies on something you haven’t thought much about since your company’s earliest days: your logo. Seemingly simple, a company logo requires a great deal of thought. In addition, numerous decisions must go into deciding on the right one. Read on for more details on why, when and how to redesign your company logo.

Brand concerns

Your brand encompasses not only what services or products your business provides, but your presence in the market and your overall identity as a commercial organization. Numerous factors go into a comprehensive brand strategy, but your logo is one that deserves special attention. If you aren’t appealing to your intended audience — or, if your logo appeals to the wrong audience — you need to consider where your logo has gone wrong. Does it speak to how you like to present your brand to potential customers? If your company is a strait-laced law firm, you obviously need a much different feel in your logo than that of a casual, fun-loving marketing agency.

Similarly, if your logo is outdated or just looks old, it’s time to upgrade to something more modern to properly represent your company as it exists today. Plenty of companies go through brand evolutions over time; for example, Domino’s, JC Penney and even Twitter all updated — and modernized — their logos in 2012.

Purple and yellow and blue, oh my

Now that you’ve decided to upgrade, it’s time to tackle your new logo design. You have the option to do it yourself or to hire a professional logo design company. Both options can result in the perfect new logo. Decide which one is right for your business and then move forward with the business of making key decisions on things like color and font.

Using a bit of color psychology can be a great help in this process. Colors evoke particular moods and emotions in their viewers. Also, certain colors appeal to particular types of buyers, whether they’re shoppers on a budget or those who make more impulse purchases.

Think simple

If you look at the evolutions of various famous brands’ logos over time, they usually become more simplistic as the years go by. For example, the first Apple logo featured a complex scene with Sir Isaac Newton underneath the tree where — as legend would have it — he discovered gravity. However, the Apple brand quickly updated its logo to a simple apple with a bite taken out of it. Today that apple is monochromatic — even simpler. When designing your company’s logo, bear in mind that less is often more. Sticking with a simple design can make it easier to adjust the logo’s size for use on everything from business cards to billboards.

Conducting a logo overhaul is a complicated decision, so consider all possible scenarios before jumping in with both feet. With some careful decision-making, your company’s new logo has the potential to speak to exactly the right audience and to change perceptions about your brand—which can result in better sales, improved recognition and increased revenue over time.


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