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Responsive Design is a Bandwagon You Want to Be On

| Blog | July 3, 2013

photo credit: johnpolacek.github.io

You’ve heard it before: responsive website designs are important. This message has been shared so many times online that it’s beginning to feel like nothing more than idle noise. Yet if you’re ignoring it, your bottom line is suffering. It doesn’t matter how effective your home page is or how perfect your marketing funnel is. If you don’t pay attention to responsive design, you are losing customers.

A look at the statistics

In 2013, experts expect 100 million tablets to be sold. By 2014, the number of tablets sold is trending to be more than the number of notebooks. Nielsen indicates that most U.S. mobile phone users have smartphones, not traditional phones. Mashable reports a 30 percent rate for traffic from mobile users, and they expect that to increase to 50 percent by the end of 2014. Yes, that’s a lot of numbers, but in the marketing field numbers are important. Those statistics indicate that your site is being accessed on screens of all shapes, sizes and resolutions.

On the surface this looks beneficial. The more screens available, the more people who are interacting with your site each moment. The problem lies in the fact that your site doesn’t render the same on the various sizes of screens. A smartphone can’t show the same amount of text and graphics that a 15-inch monitor can. If your web design isn’t responsive, those users using the tablet and smartphone, which is a growing number, can’t access it.

Users are using devices interchangeably

It’s no longer sufficient to try to guess which type of device your users are using the most, and then tailor your site to them. If you have a customer who has a laptop, tablet and smartphone, which is becoming commonplace, he’s going to try to access your site on all three. If it can’t adjust, he’s not going to switch to the screen you designed the site for. Instead, he’s going to become frustrated as he tries to swipe or zoom in to use his mobile device, and he just might go to your competitor.

Apps no longer are sufficient

Getting around this problem by creating an app for your mobile consumers may seem like the right solution, but it doesn’t work anymore. “There’s an app for that” worked as a slogan for Apple in 2010. This is 2013. Consumers no longer want to rely on apps for everything. They want to be able to go directly to your site and interact with it.

Your goal for your site is to get conversions. Adding an app to the mix is like putting a barrier in front of your customer, blocking them from making a purchase and preventing you from getting the conversion you desire. Don’t make it harder on your customer. Make your site responsive.

Responsive web design is no longer a nice feature to add to your site. It’s now a necessary part of your fundamental design. Without it, you’ll alienate potential customers and make interacting with you more difficult for existing customers. If your site isn’t responsive, make the change today before you lose more time and customers to your responsive competitor

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