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Consider the Cloud: Trouble-Shooting Hardware Decisions During the Shift to Cloud-Computing

| Blog | August 16, 2011

Embrace the Cloud

Cloud computing is the current hot topic in the IT world, with good reason. The cloud offers benefits to IT managers, by not requiring them to support physical hardware and removing their need to anticipate capacity problems. Enhanced collaborative tools, like Microsoft’s Sharepoint, leverage the power of the cloud to connect users and allow them to work on projects together without having to trade file updates via email. Even with all the benefits that cloud computing provides, it will take several years for most companies to switch over to the cloud for most of their business needs and, even then, most companies will likely retain some dedicated servers for critical development and sensitive data storage. While making the switch to the cloud, companies will need to explore the differences between, and relative benefits of, private and public cloud resources as well as the merits of a hybrid solution.

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