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How to Handle Negative Feedback on Facebook: 5 Tips

| Blog | November 15, 2011

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Tip# 1 Decide who in your organization will respond

Responding to negative feedback is an art, not a chore.  Whoever does your responding should be up for the task, should not take things too personally, and should understand that often the fan will take out the brunt of their rage on them, the customer service rep.

Also, in choosing who will respond, it’s best to have one person do most of the responding—for consistency of voice.  But not all responses should be handled by the same person.  For instance, if the negative feedback is particularly well worded, well thought-out, and targets the core of your business strategy, you may consider having a higher level employee respond.  Doing so can signal to your fans that you—the company—are taking the issue very seriously and that you are putting a high priority on finding a beneficial resolution.

Tip # 2 Report unwarranted attacks as spam.

As I mentioned in the previous post, how you handle the negative feedback depends on the type of feedback you receive.  For the most part, straight forward complaints should be addressed in a straight forward manner; constructive criticism should be celebrated and used constructively; merited attacks should be handled offline; and spam should be deleted.   However, no matter how vicious a fan’s feedback may seem, you should never simply erase a post.  It makes it look like you have something to hide, and doesn’t prevent a user from reposting the message.

Before deleting a post, always make sure to report the post as spam.  This prevents the user from posting again to your site and denies access to similar users.

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