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The Social Shift In Customer Service (Infographic)

| Blog | February 22, 2013

All start-up’s need to be cognizant of the fact that good customer relations are essential to long term success. but what is the most effective way to connect with them in todays modern social media rich world? According to this infographic from social customer service software provider five9.com, the call center is still very much the king when it comes to building a relationship with the people who actually buy your product.

Social Customer Service Infographic by Five9

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Engaging Vs. Targeting: 5 Keys to Understanding the New Consumer

| Blog | September 29, 2011

Mobile phone subscribers per 100 inhabitants 1997-2007 ITU

There has been a fundamental shift in the way that companies are viewing their customers in the Digital Age. Targeting customers in an attempt to entice them to buy your products based on a slick presentation has been replaced with engaging customers in conversation and emphasizing the reliability of the brand and the products and services they offer. Creating a relationship with consumers has trumped flashy advertising, because consumers have become more aware of the pros and cons of various companies and their offerings and they have more resources available that they can use to evaluate them.

1. Mobile devices

The prevalence of Internet-connected mobile devices makes it easy for consumers to check out businesses or products on the go, allowing them to research their options while they’re at the store, standing in front of two products from different companies. Mobile device users can visit manufacturers’ websites or use them to access the other resources on this list, aggregating all of the information available to them.

Mobile phone subscribers per 100 inhabitants 1997-2007 ITU

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