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Top Five Reasons Your Company Should Opt For Payroll Outsourcing

| Blog | January 17, 2013

Payroll Outsourcing Saves Money

To minimise excessive and often unnecessary workload, small businesses and start-ups are looking for different ways to focus their efforts on core business functions. An effective way of streamlining business processes is to outsource functions like payroll to professionals. Instead of managing an in-house team of payroll experts, start-ups find it more convenient and cost effective for many different reasons. Here are five of the biggest reasons in favor of opting for a payroll outsourcing company.

1. Less workload and fewer worries

Needless to say, payroll is a time consuming process that takes considerable effort for small businesses. At a stage when you have to focus all your efforts on stabilising and expanding your business, processes like payroll create excessive workload. You will have to keep a close track of benefits, new employees, terminations, and other regulation changes on the federal level. By simply handing over your payroll worries to an expert, you can focus on the core business processes and allow your HR and accounting team to work on other matters.

2. Lower costs and more convenience

In comparison to maintaining an in-house team of payroll specialists, most start-ups and small businesses find it less expensive to outsource payroll. When considering the costs of employing payroll professionals, computer software, printing costs, as well as training and support, outsourcing is the cost-effective option. Payroll outsourcing companies usually offer comprehensive packages that are inclusive of all these costs and are given for lower rates.

3. Increased reliability

As opposed to a start-up payroll team that includes a few professionals, a payroll outsourcing company fosters a large team of experienced individuals. This makes outsourcing more reliable as your payroll functions are no longer dependent on employees. Even if your employee is absent because of illness or vacations, your business processes continue as the outsourcing partner is always at work.

4. Prevention of errors and hefty penalties

Payroll outsourcing companies function with the sole purpose of managing your payroll and are always abreast of any changes made to local or national tax regulations. It is also important to note that making even a minute mistake in terms of payroll tax can lead to hefty penalties that can be easily avoided by opting to outsource it. Heavy penalties are levied for errors, late filings and omissions that can prove costly. Your payroll outsourcing partner will handle calculations, payments and tax filings for your company and employees without room for errors and penalties.

5. Increased payment options

Payroll outsourcing companies not only handle printing and shipping of payroll checks to your company, they also offer direct deposit services, increasing security and convenience. On many occasions, pay checks are deposited directly into employee accounts that play a large role in preventing loss and misplacement of checks. Payroll outsourcing providers also offer pay card services to employees that are unbanked. These services are usually offered at very low prices and with specific packages, they are offered for no cost to the company.

Grace is an expert associated with i3Group a leading payroll service provider. Its custom corporate payroll solutions have helped blue-chip brands across industries manage payroll obligations efficiently and cost-effectively.

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